Honor is planning to launch a smart watch

  Honor is working on a new smart watch on a MediaTek platformorm

  Honor has really been working overtime these past few months. The cheap Honor 8C and Honor 8X are already creating nice strides in india. All the whereas, the company's lineup has been mercantilism like sin throughout the various searching holiday frenzies. Plus, devices just like the Honor Magic 2 and eagerly-anticipated Honor view 20 are starting to carve out a pleasant name for the complete within the higher market and innovation segments as well.

Honor Watch Magic in Lava BlackHonor Watch Magic in Lava Black

Honor smart watch Bluetooth SIG

  Much of this sheer product "volume" is inevitable a minimum of somewhat related to company ties with parent Huawei and positively not limited to handsets. Honor only recently disclosed its Watch Magic - a more or less slightly downgraded twin to the Huawei Watch GT. Now, a replacement Honor watch is already on the horizon, as evidenced by a Bluetooth SIG certification.

  Unfortunately, the public document does not really offer many hardware details on the mystery widget, going by the "ELF-G10" model number. It does, however, explicitly talk to it as a "smart watch", as against a unique sort of wearable, just like the Honor Band 4. Still, the good bit is obviously present, therefore the Bluetooth 4.0. Low Energy normal support the document is meant to certify.

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  Another interesting little bit of data on the watch is that it'll apparently be based on a MediaTek platform. whereas positively not unheard of, this can be a way less common selection of chipset, compared to Qualcomm's wearable solutions, that presently have a lion's share of the market. That being aforementioned, Huawei and consequently Honor are experimenting on each the hardware and software fronts with their recent wearables.

  The Watch GT, for instance, uses a innovative dual-chipset design, with a custom extremist low-power chip running most of the essential functions of the watch and a additional powerful package solely kicking in once required. On the package side, the 2 companies currently have their own LiteOS operating system for watches. maybe Honor is looking to optimise battery even further with another experimental platform style in this new wearable.