Dedicated to Lionel messi, after winning the Fifa Worldcup 2022

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Dedicated to Lionel messi, after winning the Fifa Worldcup 2022.

 Nothing is organised mind by mind.

Whatever happens, everything is legal.

Only by being in the process is something achieved.
Idle talent will be recognized.

lit the candle,
Burnt out ashes
Life is fire.
Keep yourself as warm as you can!

All adverse effects attempt to wipe you out.
Wind, water, force, and earth
No one will be less capable of defeating you.

When lit, your whole being is visible.
Idleness is the sign of death.

You have to be
 Deep's wisdom
A promise in the workshop
A stove for the needy and hungry
The concept of relationship is fire in the home.

The jui of the helpless corpse o you have seen in extinguishing fire,

Again, hope does not shrink, even when it comes to decorating.

 Sadhak's effort
 farmer's harvest,
burned up the world
Only fire has the power to destroy.

You, the painter, imagine the sky
You have the potential for architecture.
 Options abound.
a word of confidence.

Hold the hand of progress, not destruction, Babulal!
Only your acceptance will change.
The world you want....... Lionel messi

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