China aim to ban Apple Iphone XR and qualcomn also aim to ban Iphone XS

Why China ban iphone??

 On monday the Fuzhou Intermediate People’s Court in China prohibited the import and sale of choose iPhones because of a case between Qualcomm and Apple. Cupertino had to drag out phones from iPhone 6s all the way to iPhone X however aforesaid the 2018 devices are not littered with this ruling.

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  Apparently, the chipset company thinks otherwise and currently filed for an injunction of the iPhone XS, iPhone XS max and iPhone XR in China because the next step in its legal battle with Apple.

  The action is another move within the legal battle between the tech giants that area unit still nowhere close to reaching a deal concerning licensing fees and application. interestingly enough, a us company forbidding another us company on the foreign ground can boost the domestic competitors even more.

  Apple warned that the ban would hurt Chinese manufacturers like Foxconn and noted that it had created five million jobs across the country’s offer chain. Apple representative was quoted to mention that the company “will be forced to settle with the Respondent, causing all mobile manufacturers to relapse into the previous unreasonable charging mode and pay high licensing fees.”


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