Google has launched a spam protection feature for all Android smartphone users.

Google has launched a spam protection feature for all Android smartphone users.

  After half a year development, spam protection in android messages finally started rolling out earlier this month to some users. The feature is nevertheless to be made offered to everybody which implies the change may be server-side and limited for the meanwhile. However, we have a tendency to may see a full rollout sometime before long.


How google spam protection feature will work?

   When the update gets to any android phone, notifications will pop-up on the device showing the new spam protection. This feature also appear in“spam protection” feature also will appear in the “Advanced” section of the settings menu (Settings -> Advanced), allowing users to manually activate or deactivate it.
  A formerly discovered section of Google’s support help website that went live untimely, gave an explanation about how the new spam protection feature can perform from a privacy perspective. Stating that when this setting feature is enabled, some info about messages that are received on the device can automatically be sent to Google. Howbeit, the content of the message won't be read; like the phone number or the message body.

  How this spam protection feature works is indefinite, however possibly it observes the information statistically to look at similarities between spam messages therefore on detect them. If you forward a spam report manually to Google it still submits the phone numbers of each the sender and therefore the recipient as well as the message body. If you are so involved about privacy implications which may emanate, and having Google to access your info, you might literally not be needing this feature, presumably employing a totally different app may prevent the stress.


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