Verizon enables eSIM on all 2018 iPhones

On Wed, Apple pushed iOS update 12.1.1 that enabled eSIM support for additional carriers round the world. AT&T was the primary carrier to supply official support for eSIM on the iPhone and that we questioned if Verizon was reaching to follow presently when. Last month, Verizon had to iron out some problems with the iPhone running on Verizon in a very dual SIM configuration.

Today, Verizon support tweeted that customers will begin activating Verizon lines on the iPhone XR, XS or XS max exploitation the integral eSIM.
If you’re associate degree existing client, the method could be a very little completely different. consistent with another tweet within the same thread, existing customers will convert their physical SIM to the integral eSIM by dialing 611 for technical support on your Verizon line.

 The main reason for changing to the eSIM is in order that you'll use an area SIM where you travel to and your main line stays active on the eSIM.
 If you are doing need to alter to the eSIM at once, think about that some client reps might not be aware of the method to liberate the SIM slot by activating the eSIM so you would possibly ought to wait whereas they figure it out.