T-Mobile OnePlus 6T update brings new Google Assistant shortcut, plenty of fixes and improvements

 T-Mobile's version of the OnePlus 6T has systematically been receiving software updates at a different (read:later) pace than the unlocked model. nowadays a brand new one has started creating its thanks to those units sold  by the magenta carrier.

 It's a 110MB download that allows activating the Google Assistant by holding the facility button for zero.5s. If you switch this on this in Settings > Buttons & gestures, you'll have to hold the key for 3s so as to reach the facility off menu. The Assistant road is extremely handy if you have got full screen gesture navigation enabled, as that takes away the choice of holding the home button for a small amount to attain the same purpose.

 Additionally, the new software comes with associate updated camera app, an updated formula for the in-display fingerprint scanner, optimized Face Unlock and login for hidden Wi-Fi access points, enhanced unlocking speed with live wallpapers, and improved audio quality. A Play Store transfer notification issue has been fixed still.

OnePlus estimates it'll take you around five minutes to put in this release once you've got downloaded it. after you are doing, your phone are on software version A6013_34_181121.