shows off M70 5G modem,Snapdragon 6150 appears in Geekbench

Qualcomm Snapdragon sm 6150

A snapdragon SM6150 chipset has announce a score to the Geekbench info. It options an octa-core processor and can doubtless launch as a 600-series chip.

 Geekbench doesn’t say a lot of regarding the cpu cores, apart from one clock speed – one.8GHz. That’s doubtless for the little cores and doesn’t account for boost, thus it’s not a lot of to go on. however the score is.

 The single core performance is outlined by one amongst the massive cores and it's sort of a match for snapdragon 845’s Kryo 385 Gold cores (at a pair of.8GHz). The multi-core performance is nearer to it of flower 710, that means it’s doubtless a 2+6 split between massive and tiny cores. Note that this score most likely comes from a reference style board instead of a phone.

 Meanwhile, MediaTek showed off its Helio M70 5G electronic equipment at the China Mobile world Partner Conference in guangzhou. The modem supports 5G NR and guarantees up to 5Gbps information measure. A key feature is that the backwards compatibility, that covers 4G, 3G and even 2G. this means that the M70 is the sole modem during a device, simplifying the planning considerably.

 Recently, MediaTek also excited the coming Helio P90 chipset, which can provide “groundbreaking AI” performance due to the second-generation APU and revised NeuroPilot AI a pair of.0 platform