Facebook Is No Longer The “Best Place to Work”

Looking for a new job in America? Guess what, Facebook is no longer your dream work.

 This year has been a roller coaster ride for Facebook, because the biggest social media platform was afflicted with scandals. The cherry on high is that social media large has now lost its place from no. 1 to no. seven on a recent survey by Glassdoor. it's no more a perfect place for workers.

 According to the annual list of “100 Best Places to figure within the USA” by the leading job web site – Glassdoor, Facebook has lost its touch. The list came out on Wednesday whereas Facebook continues to be being publicly scrutinized for information and data handling on its platform.
facebook jobs in america

 In the survey “100 Best Places to Work”, conducted by Glassdoor, workers ar asked concerning their feedback, however glad they feel with their current employers. Not simply Facebook however Google additionally has born to no. 8, three spots down. On the opposite hand, Apple has affected up to no. 71 from no. 84, that looks good progress, maintaining identical score as last year four.3.

 Microsoft has also affected up a bit from no. 39 to no. 34. However, Microsoft owned LinkedIn secured the sixth place with a score of four.5. Unfortunate for Amazon although, because it still hasn’t created it to the list having a score of 4.1 that's slightly outside the highest 100.

The no. 1 on the list is Bain & Co., a Boston-based world management company. So, if you’re trying to change your job, don’t miss out on Bain & Co.!

Below is that the list of Glassdoor’s top ten ‘Best Places to Work’ in 2019:

  1. Bain & Co. (4.6)
  2. Zoom Video Communications (4.5)

  • In-N-Out Burger (4.5)

  1. Procore Technologies (4.5)
  2. Boston Consulting Group (4.5)
  3. LinkedIn (4.5)
  4. Facebook (4.5)
  5. Google GOOGL (4.4)
  6. Lululemon LULU (4.4)
  7. Southwest Airlines LUV (4.4)