OPPO R19 using mediateck p80 chipset Oppo R19 to be the first smartphone using MediaTek's upcoming Helio P80 chipset


MediaTek is chipping away at its most current and best upper-midrange chipset right now. At the point when it's out, this will be called Helio P80, and it will be a monster in AI execution, as uncovered by a benchmark a week ago. The P80 was second to just the highest point of the line Snapdragon 8150, which is relied upon to control each 2019 leader under the sun that is an Android cell phone not made by Huawei.
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So in the event that you were pondering which phone will be the first to accompany the Helio P80, another report today professes to have the appropriate response: Oppo's R19. This will be one year from now's successor to the R17, which utilized the Snapdragon 670. Oppo is certifiably not an outsider to utilizing MediaTek products, be that as it may - the R15 was fueled by the Helio P60.

Nonetheless, in the R17 family, the Chinese organization ruled against utilizing a MediaTek part on account of inadmissible execution. Evidently, this is one reason behind the chip creator pushing for reinforcing that in the P80 with the end goal to recover the Oppo contract.

The P80 is based on TSMC's 12nm procedure and will have an octa-center CPU utilizing ARM's centers, while the GPU might be overhauled contrasted with the P60/P70. The P80 will be MediaTek's head item for the main portion of 2019, so it should show up in different gadgets also, following the Oppo R19.