Google pixel 3 XL

Best and best news for google pixel lover.we have collected some pic for you.

Flagship of google appears to confirm the single camera on the back,it seems that Google won't be jumping on the "double camera" bandwagon, but it does seem to follow the less than universally welcomed notch trend.We just hope the sensors and the dual front-facing camera are well-worth the notch. More advanced facial recognition, perhaps?

Pixel back and front view

Pixel 3 XL sides Pixel 3 XL sides Pixel 3 XL sides Pixel 3 XL sides
Pixel 3 XL sides
The previous report points at a strange memory configuration - 4GB of RAM and 128GB of internal storage. Getting a high-end Android phone with less than 6GB of RAM is a rarity. What do you think ?can it be a flagship model of google.
Source-Xda forum